About Us

it’s time for us to Be Brave.

We’re The Bravery Project. We’re conservatives and Independents standing up and choosing to be brave by publicly declaring that Donald Trump and his enablers don’t represent us–that Trumpism is destroying this country.

We’re not Washington insiders, we’re not political consultants or media buyers, we don’t call ourselves “Never Trump.” We’re regular Americans speaking out in our own communities, having those awkward, uncomfortable conversations with our families and neighbors and coworkers about why we need to pay attention–and why we need to do everything in our power to put a stop to Trump.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, then join us–as we harness the power of our communities and magnify the voices of so many Americans.

We’re empowering regular Americans.

Our country has undergone a fundamental transformation since 2016–and not for the better. We are giving regular Americans in every corner of the country the tools they need to build on-the-ground networks in their communities to defeat Donald Trump and his enablers.

That means reaching folks in their hometowns, in their civic organizations and places of worship. It means making sure disaffected conservatives and independents are hearing from their own friends and family about what they can do to get involved right now, not just from a talking head on TV.

Above all, it means giving decent, hardworking Americans all of the support they need (yes, down to teaching them how to door-knock!) as they step out to be brave.

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We are a grassroots organization. Even a small donation of just $5, $10, or $25 helps us build critical early infrastructure, like our digital organizing-kits, investment in the tech we’ll use to reach folks creatively, and recruitment of county leaders throughout the country.

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